It’s a rare find when a highly acclaimed architect is also an equally talented and licensed interior designer and landscape architect. For Harry Howle, it comes naturally. Spend just a few minutes with him and you quickly realize his judicious awareness of design details and his love of all things beautiful. It also allows his firm to bring the best and brightest together to provide stellar design services.

Building Design

Commercial architecture is often designed for mixed use. Aesthetics, use of space, tenants, and geographic location are critical to the chosen design vernacular. Our team understands that businesses today want a dynamic design that is reminiscent of what transpires inside and uniquely represents their brand.

Floor Plans

From traditional to classical and modern floor plans, 30 years of design experience and hundreds of satisfied clients provide the professional credibility homeowners want and deserve.

Home Additions

Whether adding more square footage or improving curb appeal, additions to an existing home require an experienced team that understands form, function and the ability to seamlessly marry the old design with the new.

New Home Construction

Strong relationships with licensed and experienced general contractors are paramount to the success of all Howle & Associates’ design projects. The teams of professional contractors that rely on our expert architectural direction speak volumes to our clients’ satisfaction.

Home Restoration and Renovation

Restoring a home to its former glory takes special care, especially when it has been damaged by a natural disaster. Renovating a home to bring the design more current or to adopt a change in lifestyle is common, yet complex. Our team understands the delicate balance required for a successful renovation.

Custom Homes

It’s ultimately the client’s taste that determines the design direction of a custom home. Harry is a purest when adhering to the precepts of a chosen architectural vernacular. Historical antecedents, whether from Classical Greece, Italian Renaissance, Colonial Charleston or the 1920’s Palm Beaches, provide proficient solutions for our clients’ dream homes.

Architectural Drawings

A use of organic shapes and complex geometry, architectural drawings are so much more than technical illustrations. Our meticulous drawings provide clients with a clear representation of the merits of our design and enables general contractors to bring it to life with precision.

Kitchen Designs

The ultimate kitchen is a convergence of sleek function, striking design elements, and careful attention to detail. The most beautiful kitchens are those that are true reflections of clients’ lifestyle.

Sustainable Design

An integral part of our design philosophy incorporates sustainable design into all projects, including blurring the distinction between your interior and the great outdoors through generous use of wide balconies and open rooms.

Landscape Architecture

A licensed landscape architect, Harry’s multi-disciplined approach expertly bonds the architecture to the landscape with a seemingly transparent transition from indoor spaces to outdoor living areas.